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Pink Floyd Project

Pink Floyd Project “50 Years of Floyd” - fredag 3. november


2017 marks an impressive 50 year milestone for the first Pink Floyd album "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn". TSPFP celebrates the occation with an anniversary-tour throughout 2017 featuring 10 musicians on stage, visuals, livecams, computerized lights, lasers, quadrophonic sound and a taylored anniversary-setlist. All in the Floyd spirit!

The Scandinavian Pink Floyd Project is long established as one of the biggest and most popular live acts in Denmark. The “Echoes” tour was a major success throughout Denmark in the fall of 2008 and followed the ground breaking “Dark Side Tour 2007” with an imaginative blend of timeless music and state-of-the-art technology. Ever since, the band has toured actively in Denmark and Europe while evolving and finetuning the show. All the Floyd hallmarks are there: quad sound, films, lasers, lights and of course some of the best music produced during the last century. A three hour show that left audiences and critics speechless.

The Scandinavian Pink Floyd Show consists of 10 professional musicians and vocalists. A great rock band with guts, intensity and close attention to the details of the Floydian universe. The band is also known for its ability to perform rarities from the early Floyd days with great presence and nerve.>br>
TSPFP tours with a taylored array of screen films, computercontrolled lights and lasers along with sound effects and quadrophonic sounds. Everything is held together in a tight package with accurate timing and detail.>br>
>br>Middagen er kl. 17.30, koncerten starter kl. 20.00. Dørene åbnes kl. 19.30.

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Publiceret: 7 Juli 2017